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Finally, A Proven Pathway For Everlasting health, Happiness And Utter Confidence.


Tell me if this sounds like you:

You want to feel confident in your body. You need something that fits your unique needs and lifestyle so you can attain sustainable results for life. You have too much advice coming from diet culture and too many negative voices in your head stopping you from achieving success. You've over trying to diet or fit into a "wellness box" that just doesn't suit you. You're tired of feeling like a failure, of feeling drained, exhausted and let down. You wish there was a way to achieve body confidence and heal your lifestyle without dieting or following restrictive rules.

Good news!

I help my clients with those same problems every single day.

And if you're like any of them, you've probably made some of the same mistakes.Mistakes like...


Mistakes like...

Mistake 1

Buying into Diet Culture and all of its "one size fits all" lies.SPOILER: Diets don't work longterm. Never have and never will. There is no such thing as a "one size fits all" mindset when it comes to health, healing and happiness. Diets are meant to work quickly and inefficiently because diet culture only cares about the $$$. NOT you, your health or well being, otherwise their products and programs would work forever. (They don't) In my course Back to Basics I go in depth with Body Basics and show you why diets don't work and how you can begin to set up the holistic outline of your lifestyle for the rest of your life!

Mistake 2

Believing that you're incapable of being successful, confident and happy.Your thoughts create your reality. If you believe you're incapable then your results will show just that; if you believe that you are capable your results will reflect that. One of two things has occurred: you've been trapped in the lies of diet culture and have been following their rules and or you have limiting beliefs that stem from childhood that are holding you back. More often than not it's both. There's nothing to be ashamed of here, I've been there and so have millions of others.In Back to Basics I teach you how to find your limiting beliefs and false narratives using Get In Touch which will help you confidently call out the lies you no longer believe and replace them with empowerment.

Mistake 3

Believing your worth and beauty comes from a number on a scale.Your worth does NOT come from a number, clothing size or anything physical for that matter. Your worth comes from within. Skeptical? I'll turn you into a believer using Soul Food Guide and Sassy, Sexy & Confident to connect you back to your souls roots. Who you truly are and why you're so freaking incredible regardless of your appearance.

Mistake 4

Making excuses that nothing works for you; throwing in the towel when the results aren't immediate.Diet culture has spoiled us with the (almost) instant gratification of weight loss and happiness. While some products and programs may work, they only do for a short time. Diets aren't sustainable, nor are they healthy for your body, mind or emotions! Of course you're frustrated! These programs and plans are made to work for a certain amount of time so you keep spending money and filling their pockets. You are a $ to them, not a person. (Like I see you!) HOWEVER, that doesn't mean that nothing will work for you, you just haven't found it yet. BTB is the place to create a sustainable life blueprint and lasting, tangible results physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Mistake 5

You're listening to everyone and everything else when it comes to your body, your health and happiness.You are your own boss. You know your body the best. Why? Because you're with yourself 24/7, you know how your body feels, what foods you like and don't like, what irritates you, what makes your heart full etc. When you only listen to the advice of others and take every opinion to heart you lose your personal power and in turn you are left disappointed and back at square one.And no, I don't tell you what to do in Back To Basics. I have an incredible library of resources, recipes, pracitces, meditations and so much more! My favorite is Hey you, It's me!

Mistake 6

You're leaning on food to cope with your emotions; there's a disconnect between you and food.Food is not a coping mechanism. Food will not fill that void, "fix" you or even "ruin" you. Food is fuel plain and simple. When we don't know how to properly view, assess and process our emotions we often act out in other ways to mask the feeling, hide behind it or push it away. It's only when we can properly process our emotions, triggers and past beliefs and create a positive relationship to food that we are healed. This is one of the most crucial pieces to the puzzle, and only in my program will you find Soul Food Guide and Negative Narrative both designed to help you see food in a positive light, properly process your feelings and create positive practices so you don't have to rely on food any longer.

There was a way to acheive confidence in your body that actually lasts...There was a way to heal your relationship to your body and food without diet cultures rules or restrictions...You could finally have inner peace, unshakeable happiness and contentment in yourself...You could wake up each day excited to look in the mirror and love what you see...You could finally be at peace with food and look forward to meal again; coping with food would be a thing of the past...

Who is this right for?

Doubtful Dieter:

If you've been participating in diets and diet culture thinking for years, have had little to no sustainable success and are quite fed up with the lies and dissapointment a diet isn't the way to go! You may doubt other modalities out there (becuase you haven't tried them) but your doubt in diets is far stronger! I'll show you how breaking up with diet culture is the best decision you'll ever make and how you'll never need another diet again to be happy.

The Dreamer:

You've been stuck in these negative emotions and dieting cycles for years, you've always dreamt of having a body where you could feel confident, sexy and truly happy. But your dreams have been crushed after a seemingly never ending search. It's not that your dreams aren't achievable, you just haven't found the right course of action to make those dreams a reality! We give you the steps and the power to bring your dreams to life!

The Do-er:

You've "done it all." You've tried every diet in the book, every path, every "lifestyle change", read the books, listened to podcasts and yet you're still stuck. Maybe you only half completed certain projects or approached them with a lackluster attitude. What if you could do less and achieve more? We help give you the freedom and the empowerment to make your do-ing worthwhile.

Basically, this is for you if...

You want to be confident in your own skin without the dependency of diet culture.

You've tried diet after diet and are exhausted, frustrated and close to the breaking point but inside, there's something telling you not to give up, but you don't know where to get started.

You've tried doing it on your own but you're overwhelmed by other people's opinions and suggestions.

You've ackowledged you need to change things but you're overwhelmed by fear of failing.

You want an easy, straightforward system to heal your relationship to food and gain body confidence in a month.

On the flip-side...

This is not for you if...You're looking for a quick fix.

You're not willing to try new things and be patient with the results.

You're not open to new ideas, practices and concepts.

You're not willing to put in the work needed to see the results.

You're going to start the program but not finish it and complain it isn't working.

About Michaela!

Hi, I'm a Body Image Coach who works with women to help them ditch fad diets, destructive eating habits and negative self talk so they can embody a life of utter confidence, true happiness and overall well being.

I absolutuely LOVE anything outdoors, I love to spend my free time by the lake near my house and taking my dog Milo on hikes. I also adore cooking whether it be for myself, my family or a large group I love being in the kitchen and getting creative! If I could spend al majority of my time outdoors or experimenting with food I would, but I have other passions - like helping women overcome dieting and teaching them to embrace their beautiful self and gain better health, happiness and confidence in their bodies!


Why I created this:

I wanted to package up what I learned and what helped me break free from diet culture, negative body image and disordered eating and share it with more people.

I chose to create this course because I wanted to help more women step into their power and take their health, happiness and confidence into their own hands, and break free from the smothering and painful claws of diet culutre.

I wanted women to know that they don't have to listen to anyone for approval, to find their sense of worth or tell them how to live their lives. And I wanted them to know that everything they'll ever need is already inside of them - even if they don't realize it yet.

I also believe that everyone deserves to be happy and healthy NOW, those things don't have to come when X is acheieved, it's available to us all the time we just have to be able to know how to embrace it.

What's inside Back to Basics

Module 1: Your Mindset

Module 1, you'll get the chance to reconnect with your phsycial body using Nourished Knowledge and implementing Basic Blueprints so you can immediately start off on your journey feeling aware, secure and inspired! I also give you unique mindfulness pracitces to accelerate your healing process so you don't have to waste more of your precious time trying to blindly guess what's going on or make excuses that leave you feeling defeated and further disconnected.


Module 2: Mind Body Connection

Module 2, you'll start to use the Soul Food Guide, and dive into your mindset, thoughts and beliefs and how they affect your relationship with food and your body to reconnect and rebuild that confidence to your body, your food and your life! Utilizing my Negative Narratives Navigation and Younger You practices, you can and will finally break free from those heavy, shameful cycles and fearful tactics when it comes to food,your individual needs and choices as well as the narratives around your body.


Module 3: Your Body

we change your perception around fueling your body. Start with Nourished Knowledge and Get In Touch to reconnect with your physical body. Redefine the connection between food and your body and reflect with The Circle of Life. Then we'll break down the Negative Narratives associated with food and re-wire your thoughts so battling food and being sucked into the vortex of shame becomes a thing of your past.


Module 4: Body & Soul

we begin to connect the physical body with our spiritual body using The Chakra System. This will boost your relationship to your higher self, the people around you and how you begin to show your improving self with the world.


Module 5: Meet Your Higher Self

 In the final module you recieve Back to Basics Book, which is filled with every single puzzle piece you need to embrace your higher self and emerge from the program refreshed, rejuvinated, healthier, happier and oh so confident in body, mind and soul.These 9 steps are the icing on the cake to your healing, happiness and confidence and will make sure that all of this (and more) stay elevated and continue to improve and expand for the rest of your incredible life!


There's more! You'll also get...

  • Nourished Knowledge ($600 value) - pre recorded lessons and guidance

  • Basic Blueprints ($350 value) - Guided action steps to catapolt you towards inner healing, wisdom, appreciation and acceptance starting on day 1.

  • Good Food Forever ($850 value) - recipes and guided cooking videos to get you excited about food again!

  • The 'Not so Basic' Club ($850)- Group support, encouragement and accountability as well as accountability, support and personalized tips from Michaela to keep you going.

  • Back to Basics Book ($500) -9 Steps to bettering body, mind and soul. CTA's, journal prompts etc.

  • Soul-Food Guide ($600 value) - 10 steps towards intuitive eating and healing your body, mind and soul.

  • Get In Touch ($800 value)- Understand why your body gains and loses weight and uncover common eating disorders that can contribute as well.

  • Hey You, It's Me ($900 value) -Workbook, concrete implementations that bring them into confidence, health and happiness


    Got questions? I've got answers!

    I've never felt pretty, attractive or comfortable in my own skin, how is this going to help me when nothing else has?

    But you want to feel pretty, attractive and comfortable in your own skin don't you? That's why you're reading this, something inside of you still believes you deserve to be happy and confident (and that part of you is right!!) Things didn't work in the past because they weren't made for you. This is different. Yes the principles and practices given are the same but HOW you apply it to your own life is where the magic happens. The only way for this to fail is if you do nothing with it.

    I'm not good at committing to myself, I always end up at square one. What if I don't change, and stay stuck where I am?

    Are you actually not good at committing or were the programs you bought into before lft you feeling lacking. Those cookie cutter styled programs aren't meant to give you lasting transformation, it's a quick fix that ends up leaving you even more lost, confused and desperate. But not here! With Back To Basics it's tailored to your needs so you actually find it enjoyable, worthwhile and meaningful. With broken down steps taken at your pace you can be sure you'll stay committed.

    Do I have time for this?

    Yes you can have time for this IF it it's important to you and you make yourself a priority. Now, this doesn't mean you have to stop your life and only focus on yourself; these lessons can be broken down into bite sized chunks and into your unique time frame. You have this course for life so you can apply it when you see fit.

    How long do I have access to Back To Basics?

    You have it for life!! Yes, the program is modeled to fit 5 steps, some break it down by months, but every person is different, and I understand we all partake in this thing called life! So, I wanted to make sure you had all these incredible tools and resources with you forever! We make our own timelines here!

    Does it really only take 5 steps?

    Yes, it does! I designed this program so it can be achieved in as little as 5 months, (if you're someone who likes to break things up in that way) or it could take longer depending on the stage of your unique journey. Like I said before, I want you to be equipped with the tools to make sure you continue with your success far beyond completing BTB. These tools can be adapted to any part of your healing journey, so you always have success for the remainder of your life.

    Do you guarantee success?

    Yes, as long as you put in the effort and try. These tools and practices are made to be flexible so you can fit them into your life as you see fit. The only way this isn't going to work is if you don't try.

    How is this different from other programs?

    Back To Basics is different in that it's not like any other diet program out there, in fact is isn't even a diet at all. Far from it! It's a program that is uniquely tailored to your needs, you take the information, practices and methods that resonate with you and leave anything that doesn't fit out! There is no right or wrong here, this is about you gaining your own personal power back through healing your physical body, your mind, thoughts, emotions, food and your higher self. You can always return to this course as it's been created to be flexible to fit your lifestyle at any stage!

    Will this work for me if I've been diagnosed with an eating disorder or other illness?

    Yes! Now, my programs and I are not here to diagnose, treat or prescribe in any way. But what we are here to do is support, educate and encourage you! This program is one of many tools that can be used alongside other modalities to help further support you and get you to that confident, happy and healthy self. Even if you haven't been diagnosed with an ED or illness this program will still benefit you and you're well being!

    What will I gain from participating in this program?

    You can gain: confidence (in your body, your choices and yourself as a whole); a better relationship/connection to your body, your mind, emotions, thoughts & food; a healthier lifestyle that fuels you and makes life a joy to live each and every day; a new perspective and appreciation for yourself. Honestly, the possibilities are endless. This program is a reset on your life as a whole, it's up to you what you truly want to gain.

    Is there a support group?

    Yes! There is a private Facebook Group where you can find support and encouragement, ask questions, connect and have group coaching calls with the women and myself!

    If you've read this far...

    You have two options:

    Continue to spend more time and energy trying to figure it out on your own...Or, finally have a proven system for attaining lasting health and confidence so you can finally get your life back and live it with everlasting exuberance .

  • Imagine where you could be just one month from now.

  • You're ready to feel reconnected with yourself. You're ready to stop depending on diet culture and food to "fix" you. You're ready to start trusting yourself and taking positive actions for your own health and well being. You're ready for a way to make it happen without falling back into your old patterning. You're ready for peace, acceptance, love, kindness and compassion within your body. You're ready for Back To Basics.


    Join today, your new self is waiting to meet you!

    2020 nourished soul coaching